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    In animals, many dietary lipids are hydrolyzed into free fatty acids (FFAs) before absorption and subsequent lipid synthesis. Lipids undergo hydrolysis into FFAs by lipolytic enzymes such as hormone-sensitive lipase, lipoprotein lipase, and phospholipase A and C. These FFAs are then metabolized through various pathways including oxidation, desaturation, elongation, and re-esterification.


    Fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) are produced by the transesterification of fats with methanol. In biodiesel production, these molecules are primarily derived from vegetable oils via transesterification. FAMEs are also used in the manufacture of detergents. Typically, FAMEs are generated through a base-catalyzed reaction involving methanol and fats in the presence of a base such as sodium methoxide or sodium hydroxide.



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    Figure 1. Reaction Formula for FFA Production


    The early development of gas-liquid chromatography (GLC) for analytical purposes was marked by the significant discovery in 1952 by James and Martin, who pioneered the separation and determination of fatty acids. Following this, Cropper and Heywood developed methods for analyzing FAMEs using gas chromatography (GC). Since then, GC of FAMEs has become one of the most prevalent analytical techniques in lipid research, with extensive applications in biochemical, biomedical, microbial, agricultural, and ecological studies.


    Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) provides detailed spectral information that facilitates the selective analysis of compounds, leveraging the powerful capabilities of MS in complex compound analysis. This combined approach allows for the qualitative characterization of FAME mixtures.


    MtoZ Biolabs offers reliable, fast, and cost-effective FFA analysis services based on systems that ensure high stability, reproducibility, and sensitivity in separation, characterization, identification, and quantification. Please contact us for more information.

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