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    Flow Cytometry Multiplex Analysis of Mouse Cells

      In biomedical research, mice play a critical role as model organisms in the study of disease mechanisms and drug development. To gain a deeper understanding of the complex biological characteristics of mouse cells, MtoZ Biolabs employs flow cytometric multiplex analysis technology, providing an efficient and accurate method to simultaneously analyze multiple cellular markers. This technology shows enormous potential in various fields such as immunology, oncology, stem cell research, and more.


      Flow cytometric multiplex analysis technology is an advanced application based on flow cytometry, allowing the quantitative analysis of various proteins, sugars, and other biomolecules on the surface or inside of single cells simultaneously. By using specific fluorescently labeled antibodies, this technology can provide comprehensive information on the cellular phenotype and functional status at the single-cell level.


      Service Advantages

      1. High-Throughput Analysis

      Flow cytometric multiplex analysis can process thousands to millions of cells in a short time, providing large amounts of data to support the validation of biological hypotheses.


      2. Multiparameter Detection

      It can simultaneously detect up to dozens of parameters, including cell surface markers, intracellular signaling molecules, and cellular functional status indicators.


      3. High Precision Quantitation

      The multiparameter data of each cell being tested is accurately recorded, ensuring the reliability and repeatability of the analysis results.


      4. Wide Range of Applications

      It is suitable for various types of mouse cells, including blood cells, tumor cells, stem cells, and immune cells, etc.



      1. Immune Cell Analysis

      Provides important data for immunological research by conducting in-depth analysis of the subgroups and activity states of T cells, B cells, NK cells, and other immune cells.


      2. Tumor Microenvironment Research

      Analyzes the interaction between tumor cells and surrounding immune cells, revealing the development mechanisms and immune escape strategies of tumors.


      3. Stem Cell Characteristics Research

      Studies the differentiation potential and phenotypic changes of stem cells, providing basic data for regenerative medicine and cell therapy.


      4. Drug Effect Evaluation

      Assesses the impact of drugs on mouse cells, evaluating the efficacy and safety of the drugs.


      The application of MtoZ Biolabs' flow cytometric multiplex analysis technology for mouse cells not only deepens our understanding of the biological characteristics of mouse cells but also provides valuable support for the study of disease mechanisms and the development of new drugs. Through precise multiparameter analysis, we can reveal complex phenomena in life sciences more deeply.

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