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    Flavonols Analysis Service

      Flavonols are a type of important plant flavonoid compounds, which have a wide range of physiological activities, such as antioxidation, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Flavonols are found in many fruits, vegetables, and beverages and occupy an important position in people's daily diet. Given their crucial roles in health care and disease treatment, it is particularly important to accurately and rapidly analyze flavonols.


      MtoZ Biolabs provides you with professional flavonol analysis services. We use unique sample pretreatment techniques combined with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) to achieve high sensitivity and high accuracy quantitative analysis of flavonols. In addition, our professional team will also carry out bioinformatics processing of the analysis results to help you understand the expression of flavonols in samples deeply.


      Technical Principles

      Our flavonol analysis service uses liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), which is currently recognized as the best method for quantitative analysis of flavonols. LC-MS combines the separation ability of liquid chromatography and the sensitivity of mass spectrometry, which can accurately determine the content of flavonols in complex biological samples.


      Analysis Workflow

      1. Sample pretreatment: Our professional team will use appropriate methods to handle the sample based on the sample type to ensure the maximum extraction of flavonols.

      2. LC-MS analysis: Separate and quantitatively analyze the flavonols in the sample.

      3. Data Processing: Our bioinformatics team will process the analysis data to generate an easy-to-understand report.



      Figure 1. The Workflow of LC-MS Analysis of Flavonols


      Service Advantages

      1. High Sensitivity: Our LC-MS technology can achieve high sensitivity detection of flavonols.

      2. High Accuracy: We use the internal standard method for quantitative analysis to ensure the accuracy of the results.

      3. Professional Team: Our professional team has many years of experience and can provide you with quality service.

      4. Comprehensive Service: We provide you with a one-stop service from sample processing to data analysis.



      • Food Safety Detection: Flavonols are an essential food component. By analyzing it, the nutritional value and safety of food can be evaluated.
      • Drug Development: Flavonols have various biological activities. By analyzing them, it can provide a basis for the development of new drugs.


      Sample Submission Requirements

      1. Sample Type: Food, plants, biological fluids, etc.

      2. Sample Quantity: Not less than 1g for food and plant samples, not less than 200 μL for biological fluids.

      3. Sample Preservation: Freeze, avoid repeated freezing and thawing.



      1. Experimental Procedures

      2. Relevant Mass Spectrometry Parameters

      3. Detailed Information on flavonols Analysis

      4. Mass Spectrometry Images

      5. Raw Data

      We look forward to working with you to provide high-quality flavonol analysis services.

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