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    Flavanones Analysis Service

      Flavonoid compounds are an important type of natural products, widely distributed in various plants. Among them, flavanones are an important type of flavonoid compounds, with various biological activities, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties. Therefore, the analysis of flavanones is an important step in studying its biological activity and developing applications.


      Technical Principles

      Flavanones Analysis Service is an analysis service based on high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS) technology. HPLC-MS combines the advantages of chromatographic separation technology and mass spectrometry detection technology, which can accurately identify and quantify the flavanones compounds in the sample.


      Analysis Workflow

      Sample Submission -> Sample Preparation and Extraction -> HPLC-MS Analysis -> Data Processing and Analysis Report Provision



      Figure 1. The Workflow of HPLC-MS Analysis of Flavanones

      Service Advantages

      • High Sensitivity and High Selectivity: HPLC-MS technology can effectively distinguish flavanones compounds in complex samples, with high sensitivity and strong specificity.
      • Accurate Quantification: HPLC-MS technology can accurately measure the content of flavanones in samples, providing accurate data for further research.
      • Comprehensive Service: Including sample preparation, extraction, analysis, data processing and other full-process services, meeting the needs of different customers.



      It is applicable to the qualitative and quantitative analysis of flavanones in various plant extracts, dietary supplements, and herbal extracts.


      Sample Submission Requirements

      Sample Type: Plant Extracts, Dietary Supplements, Herbal Extracts, etc.

      Sample Quantity: 1-5 g (Plant Extracts), 100-500 mg (Dietary Supplements)

      Sample Form: Powder, liquid, or extract

      Storage Conditions: Stored at -20°C or below

      Sample Preparation: Plant extracts are homogenized in methanol, and dietary supplements are dissolved in an appropriate solvent.



      1. Experimental Procedures

      2. Relevant Mass Spectrometry Parameters

      3. Detailed Information on Flavanones Analysis

      4. Mass Spectrometry Images

      5. Raw Data

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