Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Analysis Service

    Dynamic light scattering (DLS), also known as photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) or quasi-elastic light scattering (QELS), is a prevalent analytical technique for determining particle sizes and distribution in suspensions or polymer solutions.


    In DLS analysis, time-dependent fluctuations are assessed using intensity or photon autocorrelation functions (ACF). A monochromatic beam, such as a laser, illuminates a test solution with spherical particles undergoing Brownian motion. The interaction of the laser with these particles induces a Doppler shift in frequency, modifying the light's wavelength. This wavelength alteration, indicative of particle size, facilitates the calculation of the diffusion coefficients through ACF, enabling precise determination of particle size distribution and their dynamics within the medium. DLS is also utilized in studying the behaviors of complex fluids, including dense polymer solutions.



    Analysis Based on Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)


    DLS is instrumental in assessing the size distributions of various entities such as proteins, polymers, micelles, carbohydrates, and nanoparticles. If the system is not dispersed in size, the average effective diameter of particles can be determined, as the measurement depends not only on the core size of the particles but also on the size of surface structures, particle concentration, and the type of ions in the medium.


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    Service Advantages

    1. Accurate, Reliable, and Reproducible Particle Size Analysis

    2. Simple Sample Preparation, Even Capable of Directly Analyzing Natural Samples without Any Preparation

    3. Simple Setup and Fully Automated Measurement

    4. Capable of Measuring Sizes Smaller than 1 nm

    5. Capable of Measuring Molecules with Molecular Weights Less than 1000 Da

    6. Low Volume Requirements


    DLS facilitates the determination of critical parameters such as molecular weight, hydrodynamic radius, and translational diffusion constants. Free project evaluation!

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