Data Normalization Analysis Service

    Data completeness and accuracy is crucial for subsequent statistical and biological results. After verifying the experimental design and the accuracy of the collected data, MtoZ Biolabs conducts an initial integrity check. This involves removing or imputing missing values, excluding outliers, and normalizing data across samples and metabolites to allow for parallel comparisons. Metabolites with more than 50% missing values in the original data are excluded from further analysis. The expression levels of the remaining metabolites are log-transformed and normalized using the autoscaling method (mean-centered and divided by the standard deviation of each variable). The following figure illustrates the distribution of data in positive ion mode before and after normalization, showing that the data approximates a normal distribution post-normalization.


    1792812613086789632-1790989315775500288-20221219-8334.pngFigure 1. Data before and after Normalization

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