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    Colchicine Analysis Service

      Colchicine, an alkaloid derived from botanical sources, is extensively used for managing gout and a range of inflammatory conditions. It primarily functions by inhibiting microtubule polymerization, which is crucial for reducing inflammation. Given that colchicine's clinical efficacy is significantly influenced by its purity and stability, conducting precise analytical assessments is essential for confirming its therapeutic reliability and safety.



      Figure 1. Molecular Structure of Colchicine


      MtoZ Biolabs conducts detailed analyses of colchicine, encompassing molecular identification, quantification, and purity evaluations, thereby providing robust data support that ensures medication quality and safety. These analyses not only confirm the formulation's integrity but also explore colchicine’s pharmacokinetics, offering insights essential for therapeutic application.


      Analysis Workflow


      Services at MtoZ Biolabs1808423247189495808-生物碱-相关服务通用.png


      Service Advantages

      • High Sensitivity and Accuracy: LC-MS technology can precisely identify and quantify trace components in complex samples.
      • Broad Applicability: Suitable for various biological samples, including plant tissues, blood, and urine.
      • Rapid Analysis: The process from sample handling to report generation is efficient, shortening the analysis cycle.
      • Customized Services: Personalized analysis solutions provided based on specific customer needs.


      Sample Submission Requirements 

      We accept diverse biological specimens, including serum and plasma (100 to 500 µL), urine (1 to 5 mL), and tissue (20 to 100 mg), along with plant, fecal, and saliva samples tailored to research requirements. All specimens must be stored at -80°C to preserve their stability and integrity.


      For detailed sample submission instructions, please consult our technical team.



      Gout Treatment Monitoring: Monitoring colchicine levels to refine treatment protocols for gout.


      Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Employing pharmacokinetic analysis to tailor treatment regimens for rheumatoid arthritis.


      Drug Interaction Research: Investigating potential interactions between colchicine and medications for inflammatory diseases to enhance therapeutic safety.


      Innovative Drug Development: Leveraging data on colchicine’s biological activity to aid in the creation of novel therapies targeting inflammation and gout.


      At MtoZ Biolabs, we are dedicated to offering superior metabolomic analysis services for colchicine, aimed at enhancing your understanding of its biological functions and assisting in the development and regulatory compliance of associated products. We are eager to support your research endeavors as a trusted scientific partner.

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