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    Cellular Proteomic Peptide Mass Fingerprint Analysis

      Cells, the basic units of life, maintain the fundamental functions of organisms through their intricate mechanisms and interactions. Proteins play a crucial role in these microscopic entities, from catalyzing chemical reactions to transmitting signals and regulating gene expression. However, to delve deeper into how these proteins work together within cells, we need more advanced and accurate technological means. That's where MtoZ Biolabs' "Cellular Proteomic Peptide Mass Fingerprint Analysis" service comes into play.


      Unlike traditional "bottom-up" proteomics methods, cellular proteomic peptide mass fingerprint analysis allows researchers to directly analyze the proteome in cell extracts, providing a comprehensive, high-resolution map of protein composition. Through this method, we can observe uncut intact proteins, capturing all post-translational modifications and protein variants, which are critical for understanding protein function and interactions.


      MtoZ Biolabs uses advanced liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry techniques, specifically targeting the characteristics of cellular proteins, to conduct cellular proteomic peptide mass fingerprint analysis. Our services are not limited to a single cell type; whether it's cancer cells or stem cells, our technology can be used to delve deeper into their protein composition.



      1. Identification of Protein Markers for Cell Heterogeneity and Function

      2. Research on Signal Transduction Pathways and Cell Fate Determination

      3. Dissecting the Role of Post-Translational Modifications in Cellular Activities

      4. Research on Drug Treatment Response and Resistance Mechanisms


      Why choose MtoZ Biolabs? Because we have a world-leading proteomics mass spectrometry analysis platform, combined with rich experimental experience and a professional data analysis team, we provide the most cutting-edge, accurate proteomics data. No matter your field of research or needs, we are dedicated to helping you explore the microscopic world of life, opening up new possibilities for basic biological research and clinical applications. Feel free to contact us for more details!

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