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    Cellular Histone Multisite Phosphorylation Proteomics

      Protein phosphorylation, as a key post-translational modification, plays a crucial role in the regulation of cellular functions and signaling networks. Phosphorylation events often do not occur in isolation, many biological signaling pathways are interconnected. For example, the phosphorylation of one protein can affect the phosphorylation status of other proteins, forming a complex regulatory network. By studying these multi-pathway phosphorylation events, scientists can gain a more comprehensive understanding of cellular behavior and disease mechanisms. MtoZ Biolabs offers a cell proteome multi-pathway phosphorylation proteomics service, utilizing the most advanced techniques, to provide researchers with high-quality services from sample handling to data analysis.


      Services at Mtoz Biolabs

      1. Core of Mass Spectrometry Technology

      MtoZ Biolabs uses the Thermo Fisher Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometry platform, combined with nanoLC-MS/MS nano-liter chromatography technology, to ensure extremely high resolution and accuracy. This technology allows for efficient separation and accurate mass determination of phosphorylated peptides, providing detailed phosphorylation site mapping.


      2. Sample Processing

      Using CST's Multi-Pathway Enrichment Kit, specific phosphorylated peptide enrichment can be performed on key proteins in various signaling pathways. This not only enhances the detection sensitivity of phosphorylation sites, but also greatly enhances the detectability of low-abundance phosphorylation events in the sample.


      3. Data Analysis

      Through professional bioinformatics processing, MtoZ Biolabs can perform in-depth analysis of mass spectrometry data, deciphering how protein phosphorylation affects protein function and cell behavior, and revealing potential biological mechanisms.


      Analysis Workflow and Quality Control

      1. Analysis Workflow

      (1) Sample Receipt and Detection

      Ensure that the received sample meets experimental requirements and perform preliminary quality assessment.


      (2) Protein Extraction and Enzymatic Digestion

      Standardized procedures ensure the integrity and applicability of proteins.


      (3) Phosphorylated Peptide Enrichment and Separation

      Efficient enrichment strategies ensure the purity and abundance of target peptides.


      (4) Mass Spectrometry Analysis

      High-resolution mass spectrometry analysis reveals accurate phosphorylation information.


      (5) Data Analysis and Reporting

      Provide a comprehensive data report, including qualitative and quantitative analysis of phosphorylation sites, and related biological explanations.


      2. Strict Quality Control

      (1) All experimental operations are carried out under strict laboratory conditions to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of each step.

      (2) Use a variety of internal standards and standard products to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the analysis results.



      The service of cell proteome multi-pathway phosphorylation proteomics is applicable to a variety of research fields, including:


      1. Disease Mechanism Research

      Reveal disease-related signaling pathway changes through phosphorylated proteomics.


      2. New Drug Development

      Phosphorylation sites can be used as new drug targets or biological markers for drug screening and validation.


      3. Clinical Research

      Help clinical researchers find disease-related phosphorylation markers, providing potential diagnostic and treatment methods.


      MtoZ Biolabs' cell proteome multi-pathway phosphorylation proteomics service provides a comprehensive, efficient, and accurate technical platform that can deeply explore the complex effects of protein phosphorylation in organisms, providing strong technical support for scientific research and clinical practice. Simply tell us your experimental goals and send your samples, MtoZ Biolabs will take care of the subsequent project, including protein extraction, protein digestion, phosphorylated peptide enrichment, peptide separation, mass spectrometry analysis, mass spectrometry raw data analysis, bioinformatics analysis of all matters. Free consultation is welcome!

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