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    Can Paraffin Sections Be Sent for Proteomic Sequencing?

      Paraffin sections can be used for proteomic research, but this requires special processing methods. Paraffin sections are usually used for the preservation of tissue samples, which can be used for subsequent DNA, RNA, and protein analysis. However, paraffin itself interferes with protein analysis, so the paraffin needs to be removed before proteomic analysis.


      Proteomic analysis usually involves the following steps:


      1. Dewaxing

      The paraffin needs to be removed with organic solvents (such as xylene or chloroform).


      2. Protein Extraction

      Proteins are extracted from the treated tissue samples.


      3. Protein Digestion

      Commonly used enzymes (such as trypsin) are used to process the proteins, breaking them down into smaller peptide segments.


      4. Mass Spectrometry Analysis

      The peptide segments are analyzed using a mass spectrometer to identify and quantify the proteins.


      Extracting proteins from paraffin sections can pose some challenges, such as protein degradation and low extraction efficiency.

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