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    Biopharmaceutical Glycan Analysis Service

      Biopharmaceutical glycans refer to polysaccharide compounds associated with biopharmaceutical products. These compounds are typically attached to proteins or lipids through glycosylation. Glycosylation is a crucial modification in biopharmaceutical products, affecting protein stability, activity, and immunogenicity. The analysis of biopharmaceutical glycans is primarily used to identify and quantify glycosylation modifications in biopharmaceutical products.Analyzing biopharmaceutical glycans ensures the consistency and quality of biopharmaceutical products; detects potential immunogenic glycan chains to ensure drug safety; optimizes production processes to enhance product yield and quality; and meets regulatory requirements for biopharmaceutical product quality.


      MtoZ Biolabs has established an efficient, fast and accurate biopharmaceutical glycan analysis platform based on high-throughput MS technology. The team of MtoZ Biolabs is composed of experienced scientists and technical experts who have deep expertise in the fields of glycan and glycosylation analysis. MtoZ Biolabs is committed to providing customers with high-quality and efficient services to promote the progress of biopharmaceutical glycan research and drug development. Free project evaluation, welcome to learn more details! Our technical specialists are available to provide a free business assessment.


      Analysis Workflow

      1. Sample Preparation

      This includes steps such as cell culture, protein extraction, purification, and glycan release.


      2. Separation and Detection

      Separation and detection are performed using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques.


      3. Data Processing

      Advanced data analysis software is used for glycan structure identification and quantification.


      4. Report Generation

      Detailed analysis reports are provided, including glycan structure, distribution, and quantification information.


      Service Advantages

      1. Advanced Analytical Platform

      Our platform is equipped with state-of-the-art liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments, ensuring high precision and sensitivity.


      2. Professional Technical Team

      Our team consists of experienced experts in biopharmaceutical glycan analysis, ensuring reliable results.


      3. Customized Service

      We offer tailored analysis solutions to meet specific customer needs.


      4. Rapid Response

      We have an efficient workflow and quick response time to address urgent customer requirements.


      5. Comprehensive Report

      We provide detailed analysis reports, assisting customers in making informed decisions during drug development and quality control.



      1. Drug Development

      Glycan analysis is used to optimize drug molecular structures during the development phase.


      2. Quality Control

      Glycosylation patterns are monitored during production to ensure product consistency.


      3. Biomarker Research

      New disease biomarkers are discovered through glycan analysis.


      4. Personalized Medicine

      Treatment plans are customized based on patients' glycosylation profiles.



      1. Experimental Procedures

      2. Relevant Mass Spectrometry Parameters

      3. Detailed Information on Biopharmaceutical Glycan Analysis

      4. Mass Spectrometry Images

      5. Raw Data

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