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Sequential Window Acquisition of all Theoretical fragment ions (SWATH) is a brand new mass spectrometry technology co-developed by Dr. Ruedi Aebersold research group (ETH Zürich) and AB SCIEX. SWATH data is an independent acquisition (DIA) technique. Unlike data dependent acquisition technique, which only selects certain MS spectrum for MS/MS detection, SWATH analyzes all MS and MS/MS spectra, allowing detection of virtually all detectable proteins in a sample. In SWATH technology, MS spectra are divided into several narrow windows and peptides in each window are sequentially analyzed equally, followed by MS/MS analysis. SWATH technique combines the high-throughput quality of shotgun proteomics with high accuracy comparable to MRM. To better meet our clients’ needs, MtoZ Biolabs offers a comprehensive SWATH service, including optimized sample preparation, high-quality SWATH mass spectrometry analysis and professional bioinformatics analysis.

Analytical Platform

AB SCIEX Triple-TOF 5600-plus

Service Workflow

Key Features

• Quantitatively analyze nearly all detectable molecules, including low abundance proteins and peptides
• High accuracy, comparable to MRM level
• High-throughput, identify and quantitate more than 2000 proteins at once
• Complete digital archive of sample in the first analysis
• Pre-experiment method development is unnecessary

Sample Requirement

Bioinformatics Analysis

• SWATH data quality assessment
• Multivariate PCA analysis
• Protein statistical analysis: Venn Diagram, Volcano Plot
• Functional annotation: GO annotation, KEGG annotation, COG annotation
• Clustering analysis: Hierarchical clustering, K-means clustering
• Network analysis: STRING analysis


• Experiment procedures
• Parameters of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometer
• MS raw data files
• Peptide identifications and intensities
• Protein identifications and intensities
• Bioinformatics analysis

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