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Protein Sequencing

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Protein primary sequence determines the advanced structure of a protein, influencing a protein’s function. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the sequence of a protein, to verify the integrity and correct translation of a protein sample. MtoZ Biolabs has developed a comprehensive protein sequencing platform to meet various needs of our clients, from N-terminal and C-terminal sequencing to full-length and de novo sequencing. Our featured services are presented below, but if you have any special requirement, you are welcome to contact us for custom service.

Service Categories

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Protein De novo sequencing

De novo sequencing for analyzing sequences of novel protein, peptides, and antibodies, of which database information is not available.

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Protein N-Terminal Sequencing

Accurate determination of N-terminal sequence of proteins and peptides, ensured by a combination of Edman Degradation Sequencing system and N-terminal De novo Sequencing technique.

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Protein C-Terminal Sequencing

Comprehensive protein C-terminal integrity analysis, including sequence analysis, PTMs, and C-terminal truncation evaluation, based on high-resolution LC-MS/MS technology.

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Protein Edman Degradation

Automatic Edman Degradation Sequencing system, equipped with HPLC technology, allowing analyzing over 30 amino acids at protein N-terminus.

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Protein Full-length Sequencing

Using LC-MS/MS technology and 6 digestive enzymes, MtoZ Biolabs provides true full-length sequencing service. Accurate sequence analysis and 100% of protein sequence coverage is guaranteed.

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