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Accurate determination of protein sequences is fundamental in the development of commercial monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, and diagnostic kits. Traditional sequencing methods uses database searching for protein sequencing, and has limitations for sequencing the unknown proteins, which may not be included in the database. De novo sequencing is a novel sequencing methods, with no need for database searching, and therefore, is the optimal method for analyzing unknown proteins and antibodies. Based on the world's most advanced mass spectrometry instrument, Obitrap Fusion Lumos, and combined with rich experience in bioinformatics analysis, MtoZ Biolabs has established a whole new generation of de novo sequencing platform that can achieve accurate sequence analysis of monoclonal antibodies and proteins, independent of any database searching. The primary sequence of proteins and antibodies and any mutations on the sequence can be analyzed quickly and accurately, without any prior information of the protein.

Advantage of de novo sequencing:

• Advanced high-resolution mass spectrometry technology
• 100% protein/antibody sequence coverage
• 95% accuracy for sequencing the first amino acid
• Minimum amount of sample required

De novo Sequencing

Antibody De Novo Sequencing

MtoZ Biolabs is proud to offer antibody de novo sequencing service, using high-resolution Obitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometry.

Protein De Novo Sequencing

MtoZ Biolabs develops an advanced mass spectrometry platform and ensures high-efficient and accurate protein de novo sequence analysis.

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